Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Process Is That?

Good afternoon everyone. Wow how about those Texas Rangers!! Anyways, I would like to go over a few processes that Autodesk uses that you might see in the Windows Task Manager. I’m sure some of you are saying” what is this?. Well after doing some research here is what I have found. Feel free to add more information if you like.

Connect.Service.ContentService.exe.*32 = used by Content Explorer Service to allow advance searching, watching & sharing functionality for AutoCAD 2012 & Civil 3D 2012. It can also be used to sharing objects such as blocks, layers, styles …etc. across the network. I typically just terminate the process since I don’t use this feature or share my stuff through the network.


WSCommCntr2.exe = Autodesk InfoCenter which provides balloon notifications for live updates, RSS Feeds, Subscription announcements..etc. Sometimes if this process does not close after closing C3D it will not allow you to open a new session of C3D. You will have to close the process thru task manager.


raysta_3dmax2012_63server.exe*32 = rendering application used by Autodesk 3ds Max Design. If you are not currently using Autodesk 3ds Max Design you can terminate the process.

Aec32BitAppServer57.exe*32 = application that runs when using Storm and Sanitary Sewer Analysis software.If you are not using SSA you can terminate the process.

AcHelp2.exe*32 = Autodesk Help application. This process runs every time you hit F1 for the help menu.

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