Sunday, February 3, 2013

Labeling Pipe Horizontal Bends

Good afternoon everyone. I hope everyone’s weekend is going great. I want to congratulate my fight Irish for making to the BCS championship game. Even though we lost, I feel it’s better to lose to the #2 team at the championship game than to play a lower ranking team at a small bowl game. Anyways, it was an amazing year for them. Now I just need my 49ers win the super bowl.  GO 49ers! They should have been there last year but of course they had a fumble in overtime that caused them the game. You’re welcome New York Giants. lol

Anyways, 2012 was an amazing year. The one thing I noticed about my blog for 2012 was the lack of post from me. Seems like I was a slacker lol. This year, my goal is to publish 100 post and maybe hit the 1 million page views. Let’s see if I can make it happen. Since this is my first post of the year, I will kicked it off with a simple tip & trick for labeling horizontal pipe bends. For those of you that have small basic part list and use null structures to represent wye connection, vertical and horizontal, and pipe sizes changes, I have a tricks that could make it easier for you to label bends. As we all know, we all strive to work smarter not harder. This tricks may or may not benefit you, depending on your company standards, work flow or part list. The main purpose of this post is to give you ideas and ways to get creative with labels. The video below describes how you can label horizontal bends for storm and water pipes. Feel free to make comments. Enjoy.


Civil 3D Horz. Bend Label