Thursday, September 20, 2012

Re-release of Autodesk Project Basejump Technology Preview

Good evening everyone. As some of you may already know, Autodesk Labs has brought back Project Basejump. The Autodesk Gods have answered my prayers lol. Anyways, I tested the application in May when it was first released and I just fell in love with it. I was amazed how user friendly it is to use. I actually liked it better than the Google extension in, but that’s just my opinion. Now I can get the survey and planning department off my back....jk. So tonight I installed the software and ran a quick test to see if there were any bugs in it’s first run. See video below. Now, lets see how long it takes Autodesk to turn this application from the beta testing phase to an Autodesk subscription download item.

For those that have never heard or see Project Basejump, this technology preview application can be downloaded for free at the Autodesk Labs website. Autodesk Project Basejump provides a direct link to Microsoft Bing Map server (WMS) and is also an FDO provider for 2013 software products such as Civil 3D and Map 3D. Project Basejump technology preview includes aerials, road labels, and other information within Civil 3D and Map 3D. I would encourage everyone to test this application and see if it would benefit you in your daily design. Thanks for stopping bye. Have a great weekend everyone.
First Quick Test.

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  1. broo link on Autodesk has been removed so bagimana I want to download the file again
    thanks for the help