Sunday, August 9, 2015

Autodesk Software Updates, Troubleshooting and Events

Good evening everyone. I have posted links below for this months important software updates and troubleshooting fixes for Infrastructure Design Suite Premium software. In addition, I have also provided links to important webcast and events for this month. Please continue emailing support questions to me. I have begun updates old post with missing images. If you need a blog post updated, please feel free to email me and I will move it to the top of my list to-do. Starting this week I will begin posting tips and tricks for InfraWorks 360, A360 and Vehicle Tracking also. Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great week.

Software Updates
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016  Service Pack 1
AutoCAD 2016 Hotfix 2
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 Object Enabler
Autodesk 3ds Max - Civil 3D 2016 Object Enabler
AutoCAD 2016 DWG to PDF Custom Properties Hotfix
Autodesk Revit 2016 Service Pack 2
Autodesk A360 Collaboration for Revit 2016
Autodesk Vault Data Standard Update 2 for Vault 2016 Workgroup and Professional

InfraWorks 360 - Bridge Refuses To Go Over Another Road
InfraWorks 360 - Imported FBX File Geometry is Degraded
AutoCAD 2016 - File Check-In into Autodesk Vault
AutoCAD 2016 - Unable to Change Lineweight of Line
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 - Lineweights Do Not Plot Or Publish Correctly from AutoCAD
Civil 3D 2016 - Suppress the Initial Revision Table Row From Autodesk Vault - Inventor
Civil 3D 2016 - Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Preview Issue
Civil 3D 2016 - Importing or Opening IFC files
Civil 3D 2016 - Wheel Mouse Does not Perform Zoom Functions
Civil 3D 2016 - Repair a Corrupted Drawing Using Map Query
Civil 3D 2016 - Unable to Export MicroStation DGN Files
Civil 3D 2016 - Cannot See Model and Layout Tabs in AutoCAD
Civil 3D 2016 - Error: "INTERNAL ERROR: UNDOCMD3" when saving in AutoCAD
Civil 3D 2016 - Cannot Mapping Autodesk AutoCAD Block Attributes with Properties in Autodesk Vault
Civil 3D 2016 - Incorrect Corridor Boundary From Extents as Outer Boundary
Civil 3D 2016 - GALLERYVIEW Variable Has no Effect on Text Style Thumbnails
Autodesk 3DS Max - Only 50% CPU Usage When Doing a 3ds Max Backburner Rendering on Server System
Autodesk 3DS Max - 3DS Max 2016 Setup Doesn't Install

Free Webcast
Autodesk - Scripting for InfraWorks 360
CADD Microsystems - Autodesk Account, Subscription Benefits, A360 Overview
PacifiCAD - Bridge Design for InfraWorks 360
CAD Technology Center - AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks Part II
Autodesk - Building Blocks (Revisited)
Autodesk - Attributes! Making The Most of Your Data
CAD-1 Inc. - Civil Chat
CAD Technology - Civil 3D Pipe Network Annotation - Tips & Tricks
PacifiCAD - Civil 3D Plan & Profiles Production
Synergis Technologies - Visualize, Collaboration, an Validate with Autodesk IDS

Events in DFW
DFWBIUG - DFW BIM Infrastructure User Group Meeting

When working in InfraWorks 360, and you want to apply different façade styles to each building face you must set the Building Façade Detail Setting to Medium or High. This is done within the Application Options.The Application Options can be found in the Setting & Utilities in-canvas tools.