Monday, August 16, 2010

August Knowledge Base & Support

Here is the August knowledge base issues posted by Autodesk. Majority of the information covers 3d party application problems and solutions. I have posted other important information.

August Knowledge Base

MAPINSERT Hot Fix (C3D 2011)

Raster Design Crashing On Exit (C3D 2011)

32/64 Bit Object Enabler C3D 2011

Graphic Hardware List

C3D 2011 Documentation

O.S. Compatibility for C3D

3 GB Switch

Missing Tool Palettes

C3D 2011 System Requirements

Civil 3D Certification

Save and Qsave Fatal Errors

Undeletable Text

Today I helped a fellow coworker with an issue he was facing and I thought I would share this experience with you.

Well the problem was that there was some notes written with mtext that C3D (2009) would not allow him to delete. C3D would not allow him to click on the text , which acted like the text was not even there. I knew for a fact that I had experience this same issue before in the past. I just couldn't remember what I did to fix it. I have provided below the steps of problem solving I took to solve this issue.

  1. I turned on all the layers = no results
  2. I turned on the wipeout frames = no results
  3. I ran an audit and purge = no results
  4. I turned on the attdisp option = no results
  5. I turned on all image frames = no results
  6. I tried to explode the text = no results
  7. I ran the battman command to see if it was some kind of block issue = no results
  8. I ran –pu and selected all  = no results
  9. I tried the text editor = no results

After trying all these steps, i still could not select the text. I finally decided to tab thru a few of the text commands to see if any of them would ring a bell. TEXTTOFRONT. Once i typed that command I was able to select the text and delete it. After that, i went back to my desk and wrote down the command in my little black book so I would not forget it.  I would like to know how many of you have experienced this same problem?

Anyways be looking for my next post this week and thank you for stopping by.