Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tip of the Week

Wow what a crazy day it has been. Anyways, todays tip of week comes from a email question I received today. I want to thank everyone that reads my blogs, follows me on tweeter and emails me.

Problem: How do I show the deflection angle for an alignment PVI?

  1. Go to your Annotation Contextual Tab and select the Add Labels feature in the Labels & Tables ribbon. (Or General pull down menu and select Add Labels)
  2. The Add Labels dialog box will appear. Change the Feature options to Alignment and Label Type to Tangent Intersection.


3.  Now go into the label Editor by clicking the down arrow on the right and select “Edit Current Selection”.


4.  The Label Style Composer dialog box will appear. Select the Layout Tab. Click on the small icon button just right of text Contents to make our edits. The Text Component Editor dialog box will appear. 


5.  Highlight and delete all information in the window. Then in the Properties options select the Delta Angle option. Change the format to DD’MM’SS’’ and hit the right arrow icon at the top right to add our label property.


6.Click Ok, APPLY, then OK. Now we can add our new intersection label to our alignment. Make sure that your alignment style is set to show line and curve. I hope this will come in handy to some of you. Have a great day.


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