Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Imaginit Google Earth Import in Civil 3D 2014

Good morning everyone. This morning I would like to share some interesting and maybe important information to a few of you. As we all know, the Google Earth extension in C3D 2012 was a power tool that most of us utilize on a daily or weekly basis. That feature was removed and replaced in the 2013 version with the Project BaseJump (Bing Map extension). The Bing Map extension was useful but there was a few draw backs with printing and saving images. Well, just recently our reseller Imaginit released a new 2014 Utility application tool that put a smile back on my face and our planners. Imaginit Utilities for Civil 3D 2014  includes the AutoOffset, Point Station Report, and last by not least, Import from Google Earth. This feature allows you to bring in aerial images (georeferenced images) and terrain tin surface or both straight into Civil 3D.

Imaginit is our reseller and subscription account holder for all of our Autodesk software. For those who have subscription thru Imaginit, the Utilities for Civil 3D 2014 is free. In addition, you can download the stand-alone or named-user versions. With the stand-alone installation, you are only allowed 10 seats. You may want to contact Imaginit if you need more. If you are interested in purchasing or finding more information about the Utilities for Civil 3D 2014 or other software click link below.

Imaginit Civil Engineering

The download and installation is quick and easy. After you have completed the installation, you will see a new Imaginit tab on the ribbon. I have provided below a short video presentation on how easy it is to import Google Earth images now. I also like to add, that you can insert as many images as you like. In order for this feature to work your drawing must have a coordinate system assign such state plane. Currently all the images are saved locally on your C drive but you can easily move and relink the images in your xref manager. I have not tested the other utility tools yet but you can contact Imaginit to get a free demo to test. Hopefully this information will be useful to a few of you. Thanks for stopping by.

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Imaginit Google Earth Import


  1. Sound interesting, but does the licensing agreement allow you to use the aerial in plan sets?

    1. Mike, it does not! You have to be careful with this. Google's EULA is very specific about how you can use this data and mining their servers for anything other than personal reference is not ok - hence the reason that Autodesk removed this capability from the software in the first place. Bing Live Maps are built into Civil3D now, I would recommend using this method instead.

  2. Tony,

    Great post, this is helpful

  3. Hi.. .Could you tell me the like to get this plug in?

  4. This plug-in came with a subscription to Imaginit in their Productivity Now package.

  5. autocad civil 3d 2014 are not listed in IMAGINIT utilities during the filling of form for registration trial product

  6. when i tried imiginate utilities for civil 3d 2015 it shows authorization failed