Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January knowledge Base

Good morning everyone. Wow these last 2 months has been crazy busy for me with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and trips to California and Kansas. In addition, work has picked up so things are busy at work also.

Anyways I have posted below Autodesk January’s posted known issues. The tip of the week that I have for you is after you have finished creating your existing surface I would lock your existing surface and also lock the layer that your existing points and featurelines are on. You definitely don’t want to be working on your proposed grades and later find out that you or someone has accidently deleted the existing featureslines which changed the way your existing surface looks now. Trust me I know this from a past experience. Anyways I’m working on the roundabout training DVD that I mention last month. I am hoping I can finish it this week. Stay tune. Anyways thank you all that have emailed me and posted comments. I have not forgotten you.


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