Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Subscription Advantage Pack for Autodesk 3dx Max Design 2012

Good morning everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that Autodesk just added the Advantage Pack for Autodesk 3dx Max Design 2012 for subscription member. I have listed  some of the new features below. The advantage pack is great for presentations that needs 3D rendering and a realistic look. See below for me info. More documentation and videos can be found in the subscription website. Have a great day.

  • Render pass system—Segment your scene for downstream compositing with an entirely new render pass system that features a visual interface.
  • After Effects and Photoshop interoperability—Enjoy significantly enhanced interoperability with Adobe® After Effects® and Adobe® Photoshop® software.
  • ActiveShade for iray*— Experience a truly iterative creative process for finalizing renderings with new ActiveShade support for the iray® renderer from mental images. This feature is a GPU rendering system. It’s a photometric accurate rendering.



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