Thursday, October 22, 2009

Modifying the Quick Properties Dialog Box

 I don't know if anyone has their quick properties turned on while they are designing but I like to have mine turned on. I just like the ability to do quick edits to object such as changing the color, layer and style on the fly. Anyways, I was playing around with the customizing options and notice there were a list of options I could display for an object thru the quick properties. So this is what I did to improve my quick properties for pipes. I wanted to show pipe material and slope if I selected a pipe segment.

1 First select a pipe segment. Now select the option selection right below low the "x" at the top right hand corner of the quick properties dialog box. Then select "settings" We want to increase the quick properties dialog box display lines to 6. The drafting settings dialog box will appear. At the bottom under Palatte behavior change the minimum number of rolls to 6 or 8. Hit "ok"

2. Now select your pipe segment again and select the "customize" icon at the top right corner. The customize user interface dialog box will appear. Here you will notice a large section of information that can be displayed for any object. I selected the "slope", and "material". next to the pipe options on the left. Hit "apply".

3. Select the same pipe segment and you should see the pipe material and slope displayed. (See images below)

Hopefully this new feature will come in handy for you. :)


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