Friday, October 23, 2009

Importing .SHP Files

For those of you that don't know what a shape file is, it's basically a file containing geomatric data such as multiple points, polylines, and polygons. Some city website provides GIS data as .shp files which you can download for free. AutoCAD Map 3D considers SHP files as a multi-select, file-based format, that is you select one or more individual .shp files during a single import process. SHP files also provide information for streets, parcels, and subdivision. I have found 2 different ways to import .shp files. Today I will show you to import with Map import options.

1. The first thing I would do is switch your workspace to tool-base geospatial.

2. Click the Insert tool palette and select Map Import.

3. Browse to the .shp file you have saved.

4. A new import dialog box will appear. In the Data column click just right of the none option

5. The attribute data dialog box will appear. Select create object data and add unique key fields.

6. Hit ok. The import process dialog will pop up for 2-5 seconds while it downloads the data to your drawing.

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