Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 3 Of AU 2012

Good afternoon everyone. Well it has been an extremely busy week for me at work. I had a lot of work waiting for me while I was gone. I worked 14 hours the first 2 days back, then an all nighter last night. In order to re-energize I took the day off. Tomorrow is our company’s xmas party. I can’t wait. Anyways I have been slowly but surely recovering my blog pots. Thanks you for be patient.

Anyways, back at AU week, on Tuesday we started the day off with the keynote address. It was an amazing site to see the Event Center filled with roughly 10,000 AU members from architects, civil engineers, designers, instructors, owners, directors, IT , mechanical engineers, structural engineers, programmers, and techs. They had several speakers from the famous Lynn Allen to the president Carl Bass. The keynote address new innovation design software and a few featured design concepts. In addition, we were introduced to a 12 yrs old boy that was working with Autodesk to great new design software. Overall the keynote address was a big hit.

Later that day I attended my first true classes that I signed up for. I have provided the list of classes that I attended below. Some classes were too basic for me so I moved on. The cool thing was, we were able to leave at anytime and go into another class, if there was any seats available. At the end of day, the Exhibit Hall opened for the first time. We were all packed in at the front of the entrance like it was black Friday at Best Buy lol. There must be at least 100 exhibitors from Leica, HP, CAD Masters, AUGI, BOXX, Cannon, Imaginit, Dell, CAD Learning, and may more. After about 3 hours of walking around (with a few free beers) it was time to go. I spend a few more hours at the hotel bars  with other fellow AU members that I knew from tweeter. The day went incredibly fast but it was great. See images below.

  • Surveying:Cleaning Your Dirt Data (C+)
  • Using Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite for Data Collection and Preliminary Design Work (A-)
  • Using Geotechnical Data in AutoCAD Civil 3D (B+)
  • Ten Practically Awesome Grading Examples  (B-)



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