Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blogger Under Construction Thanks to Google+

Hi everyone. If you have not noticed all my images in my blog have disappeared. Here is what happened. Last week I decided to link my Google+ account with Google Blogger. Yesterday I noticed an that all my images and videos in my blog have been updated to my phone which ate up a lot of space. So I decided to removed the Google+ link then removed the images from my phone. Well it seems there a small clause that I fail to understand. It seems that when I was deleting the images from my phone it also deleted the images from Picasa which is where all the images are stored for Google Blogger, which I never knew. Now I to go back thru each post and find all my images and repost. This will take me some time. If you know how to restore my image and video links please send me an email or post. Thank you for viewing my blog and hopefully I can get it all back to the way it was 

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