Wednesday, May 23, 2012

C3D 2013 Hidden New Features

Good evening everyone. I hope everyone’s week is going great. Well the last few week has been extremely busy for me but now I finally got some breathing room to post another blog. I hope everyone has had the opportunity to test run the new C32 2013. I am sure you have heard all about all the big new features that has been incorporated into C3D 2013 but tonight I would like to share with you some small hidden jewels that you may not know about yet.
The first hidden feature can be found within: pipe, structure, alignments, profile, parcels ,surface, fitting, appurtenance, corridor, intersection and section label style composer. Go to your Layout tab and select the Reference Text options from the Create component pull down. 

The Select Type dialog will open. As you can see from the image below the Survey Figure options has been added. Select Survey Figure and click OK.

This will bring you back to the Text Component Editor. Select the text box next to the Content line.The will send you to the Text Component Editor-Content dialog box. In the Properties Tab select the pull down. Notice you have 4 properties label options for your survey figure. (Name, Description, Survey Figure-Figure Style,Site) This could benefit those that want to label survey figures..

Hit Cancel, within the Text Component Editor select the Reference Text options under the Create component pull down. Click on the content line editor. The Text Component Editor-Content dialog box will open. In the Properties Tab open the pull down for all the properties options. As you can see, several new properties have been added. You now have roughly 45 different properties that you can select. In C3D 2012 you have 16 different properties attributes.

Another hidden feature change is the properties filters. For structure label styles, this is what you have for structure type filters in C3 2012.

But in C3D 2013, this is what you have.

Anyone’s it seems every time Autodesk adds new features some current ones are removed for some reason. Anyways I hope this information is hopeful to you. Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to make comments or vote cool or interesting just underneath this post.

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