Thursday, August 16, 2012

August Updates

Good morning everyone. Sorry I have not posted in a long while. Here are a few updates that Autodesk has posted in the last few weeks. I will try to do another post tonight with tips and trick, and more new hidden features with C3D 2013.
  • Two days ago the Productivity Tools for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 was posted on the subscription center. The productivity tools include: Borehole Utility for AutoCAD, Cartogramma Utility for AutoCAD, Corridor Solids Extraction, C3D 2013 Extension for Civil View, 12D Data Extension for C3D 2013, Rural and Urban Road Subassemblies, PISTE Translator for C3D 2013, Clip/ISTRAM Translator for C3D and I have been told the Bridge Modeler was also included.
  • Two weeks ago Autodesk released Service Pack 2.1. for C3D 2012. This service focused on Hydroflow Storm Sewer, Hydroflow Express, Catchments, Corridor Volumes, Cross Sections problems and much more. Click on link below for download and more information. C3D 2012 SERVICE PACK 2.1
  • In addition, another hot fix was release to fix the problems with data shortcuts.Click on link for further information and download.
  • Autodesk also release another hot fix for C3D 2013 to fix the problem with survey figures property dialog and opening a C3D in Navisworks Manage 2013. Click on link for further information and download. C3D 2013 HOT FIX

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