Sunday, May 6, 2012


The crop surface feature will come in handy when you have a small project site and you are using USGS contours or aerial contour that covers hundreds of acres. The crop surface feature will allow you to cut area of surface that you need for your project without affect the original surface or source surface. I’m sure some of you are asking why not use boundary and data reference the surface out. Well to answer that question, as far as I know you can not make revision or changes to the data reference surface once you insert it into your drawing. With the crop surface feature you will be able to add points, breaklines, contours…etc. Anyways, this feature would have definitely helped me in my subdivision design I was working on which had 500 acre surface. I have provided a short video below  on how to use the crop surface feature. Remember if you make changes to the original surface and want those changes to reflect to the copied surface, simply select rebuild snapshot then rebuild surface on the copied surface.

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