Sunday, April 8, 2012

Civil 3D 2013 New Features Part 4

Good morning everyone. I hope everyone  had a great Easter weekend. So for the past 2 weeks the internet and tweeter world has been blowing up with the all the new features that C3D 2013 has to offer. The introduction to pressure pipes and import/export capabilities for IMX fix was huge leap, there was some draw backs. As most of you know the import Google earth feature has been remove. I’m sure this is kick to the stomach for some of you. Overall I rate this version a B+.
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Anyways in this post, I will skim over the new pressure parts features. For those of you that have already download your version of C3D 2013 from the subscription website, you will instantly notice all the features relating to pressure parts/networks throughout the ribbon. I have posted some images of some area where you can find links/features related to pressure pipes.
As you can see pressure pipes can be honestly be considered the star of the show for C3D 2013. So what is pressure pipes?
Pressure Pipe Typical Workflow.
  1. Select the Pressure Network Catalog
  2. Create a part list such as Water Parts
  3. Create pressure pipe network from Pressure Network Creation Tools on the ribbon
  4. assign the reference surface
  5. Select the pipe size and material
  6. lay out of your pressure network
As you can see, you have the ability to display true pipe bends, fittings and apparatus on the fly when laying out your pressure network. On top of that, a new feature has now been included to check pipe coverage for your network. In addition, you can also create vertical curve pipe in your profiles.

On the negative side, Autodesk did fail to add PVC as a material on the pressure parts material. This causes you, as the user to custom build the PVC material from scratch. In order to this you have to use content catalog editor. To build the PVC material you will need all the manufactures specification data.

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