Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Question for my Followers

OK I have an interesting question for yall.

Scenario: Created a surface from my point cloud. The current coordinate system is set to UTM83 Zone 14 Meters and my drawing units is set to meters also.The surface elevations are correct.

Problem: When I extract contours from my surface the elevations of my extracted contours is in the wrong datum. For example my surface contour is 640 but my extracted contour is 192? I was curious why this happens?


  1. Sounds like a units problem. One of the drawing settings sounds like it is set to feet when it should be meters. I'd check the Surface Feature Settings to see if elevation is set to feet.

  2. So when i brought my point cloud in, my units should have been set to feet and set my surface units to meters?

  3. Did you start your drawing using the imperial.dwt then create a surface in meters? Try creating a new dwg using the metric.dwt and data shortcut the surface into that drawing. Use the contours style from the metric drawing template to see what happens. The surface data is probably OK the styles and command settings are probably in imperial units still.

  4. I have tried using a metric template and then extracting the contours from the surface but the contours were still in meters. I have not tried using data shortcuts with 2 different templates and different coordinate systems. I will give it a try. Tks