Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April’s Knowledge Base

Good morning everyone. Here is Autodesk Knowledge base issues that have been been posted. I hope everyone enjoyed the sneak peak of all the new features that will be coming with Civil 3D 2012.  I will try to do a post later today on using the EXTTEXT command. In addition, don’t forget to watch the live webcast from IMAGINIT today on Storm and Sanitary Analysis. You can also follow me on tweeter for live webcast dates. Anyways thanks for stopping by and feel free to email me commits or request.

Additional Stylization Command: Createsymbol

Error 1402 during uninstallation


  1. Do you have a link for the live webcast?

  2. oops i made mistake. it was not a live webcast. There was one today but i had a company luncheon that i had to teach. i will try to add a link to all the webcast that i watch on a weekly basis. There is big live webcast by autodesk on the 20th. This event will be all day. I will post a link on the 19th. Thanks for stopping by.