Monday, April 25, 2011

C3D 2012 New Contextual Tab

Good afternoon everyone. So today I want to show you all the new help features that Autodesk has graciously added to the contextual tab. In the new C3D 2012, the Help contextual tab has been added. I think this will become a powerful tool in helping teach/train techs and engineers in your firm. I have listed below all the neat new features you will love.

  • Learn AutoCAD Civil 3D Ribbon – provides links to the Help menu, What’s New, Tutorials, and Training Videos. The What’s New feature will provide you a detail list of all the new features that has been added, and a few short videos.
  • Understand the User Interface Ribbon – provides links to Getting Started and Show Welcome Screen features. The Show Welcome Screen is the typically welcome dialog box you see when you open C3D for the first time with links to training videos.
  • Additional Resources Ribbon – provides links to the Learning Path, Task Workflows, Knowledge Base, Discussion Groups, and Developer Resources.
  • Involvement Ribbon – provides links to Customer Involvement, User Group, and Product Feedback features. The Customer Involvement feature allows you to partake in Autodesk surveys.The User Group features is a link to the Autodesk User Group International website better known as AUGI.
  • About Ribbon – provides a link to the About AutoCAD Civil 3D feature where you can find your software license, version and product info.


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