Monday, January 3, 2011

Tip of the Day

Hi everyone. Sorry I wasn’t about to post more this weekend. I ended up having a great  New Years weekend. Anyway for the past few weeks I have been having out of memory issues with one of the subdivisions drawing that I have been working on. My drawing kept crashing when I tried to rebuilding my corridors. It got to a point I was not able to rebuild my corridor or surfaces. So last week I figured out how to get around this issue. I have provided the problem and solution below.
Work Computer Info:
2.6 ghz , 3.5 gb memory, windows xp, C3D 2011 (32 bit), 3 GB Switch,
Drawing info:
2 miles of street corridors, 3 intersections, 3 cul-de-sacs, and 2 roundabouts
14 mb drawing, 6 profiles, 4 surfaces (100 acres)
Problem: Computer runs out of memory and crashes. I get the “Civil 3d out of memory” message when I try to rebuild my corridor or surfaces. Drawing has no errors. All automatic rebuild for corridors and surfaces has been turned off.
Solution: I finally decided to make all surfaces as No Display, froze the corridor layer. At this point all I can see was my profiles and alignments. I rebuilt my corridor with no problems. Then I rebuilt my surfaces.
Now with he 64 bit C3D 2011 version, I wouldn’t” had this problem, but not every company has the budget for upgrades, which is perfectly understandable with todays economy. Anyways, I hope this will help others that have faced this same issue. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to make comments, request, or click on the options (interesting, cool, funny) below this post.

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