Thursday, December 31, 2009

Storm Sewer Extension 2010 Tips

Today I will go over making a few quick edits in 2010 storm sewer extension. When you insert the stm file you need to varify a few things before you run the analysis. First make sure the inlets are the correct size and shape in the Inlets Tab. I noticed that my dome grate inlets were square in SSE so I have to change that to circular under the Structure Shape column. Second insure that every inlet has a know Q displayed in the Pipes Tab. ( The Q is not accumalative along the pipe run) Third, varify the N value for the pipe sections also. Also look at your Inlet Time. (Based apon your city standards) When you run the analysis you should type in your begining invert elevation and starting HGL elevation. Here you can have the analysis reset the pipe sizes and elevations for you also. See below for examples. After you complete the analysis you can save the stm file or export the file to an XML file. The only problem I have seen when I reinsert the stm file into C3D 2010 my structure and pipe labels reset which is not good. Write me back if anyone else has experience this same issue. Well I hope this small amount of information helped yall. Have a great day.

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