Monday, December 14, 2009

Command Shortcuts

Good afternoon everyone. Wow it felt great relaxing this weekend and not having to worry about homework and work. Anyways two weeks ago I was surfing around and came cross some autocad command shorts that I would like to share with you. I will have to find out what website I found this, so I can thank them. I typed a few command shortcuts below.

Ctrl+1   Properties Pallette Set
Ctrl+2   Design Center
Ctrl+3   Tool Pallettes
Ctrl+4   Sheet Set Manager Palette Set
Ctrl+6   db Connect Manager
Ctrl+7   Markup Set Manager (For DWF)
Ctrl+8   Quick Calc
Ctrl+9   Command Line
Ctrl+0   Clean Screen
Ctrl+N  Create New Drawing
Ctrl+S   Save Drawing as
Ctrl+Q  Quit/Exit
Ctrl+V   Paste
Ctrl+X   Cut
Ctrl+Z   Undo
Ctrl+Y   Redo
Ctrl+A   Select All
Ctrl+F    Insert Field
Ctrl+M   Repeat last Command
Ctrl+L    Ortho
Ctrl+B    Snaps
Ctrl+U    Polar Tracking
Ctrl+R    Find/Replace

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