Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Geo-referenced Images

Two weeks ago we were having problems editing and scaling geo-reference images that we received from TNRIS for the Town of Flower Mound. The aerial were 500 mb Tiff's which bogged our computer down. In addition, it had to refresh every time we zoomed in and out. On top of that, the aerials covered a large area and we only needed a small area covering our project site. The other problem we had was the aerials were in a different coordinate system. So I decide to do some research to see if anyone else had this problem. Well I did find a great post for geo-reference images that solved our problem. I just had to share this information with yall. I try my best not to repost other peoples work or take credit for their work, so I will provide a link to their information and website.  Enjoy

(Thank you Lou for the post)

Mastering Graphics
Geo-Reference Images

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  1. how do you import naip14 into c3d 2015 it shows an invalid file error