Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Interview With IMAGINiT at AU 2013

Hi everyone. During my trip to AU, I managed to get a video interview with Kevin Breslin from IMAGINiT Technologies. This was actually my first video interview I've ever done, so I was very nervous at the beginning. I want to thank Kevin, Cait, IMAGINiT Technologies and Advantis Comm. for their time and help making this video happen. I had a great time and experience making the video and mingle with the group.

If you don't know who IMAGINiT Technologies is, they are the worlds largest provider of enterprise solutions to the engineering community. They have 40 offices throughout North America and Asia Pacific. They are currently our Autodesk reseller at our firm, providing support, implementation services, data & facility management, consultant services, and training in varies formats.

Anyways, here is my video interview. Enjoy.

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