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Good morning everyone. Now that AU is just 2 days away, I would like to provide some links to those not able to attend AU.  I have listed below several links for several social sites that you can follow covering AU 2013.  The Autodesk University website provides links to watch the opening keynote address and several classes that you watch live throughout the week. In addition, you can also follow AU with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to see comments, videos and pictures being posted. On top of that, you can also follow me on Google+ and Twitter as I post live pictures from classes, roundtable discussions, video interviews, exhibit hall, AUGI Beer Fest, Social Media and much more. I will try to post at the end of each night my experiences of that day on here. Anyways, I am definitely excited about the trip. What surprises does AU have for us this year?? Smile  Stay tune.


Autodesk University 2013 Live

LinkedIn - AU Group

Twitter - AU 2013

Facebook - AU 2013

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