Friday, June 7, 2013

Civil 3D 2014 Round-Tripping With Corridors

Hi everyone. I don’t know if everyone has noticed, but the economy is booming. Working 12 hours shifts is starting to be a norm for me now. That’s why I have not been posting much lately. Sorry. Anyways, I have noticed a lot of post on Google+, tweets and Autodesk forums about round-tripping with corridors not working and causing fatal errors and crashing. So I decided to do my own test and post my results here. Sorry the video has no audio.

  1. In this first video, I opened a subdivision grading design base drawing containing all of our proposed features lines, grading groups, surfaces, alignments and profiles. This drawing was originally created in 2013 and upgraded to 2014. I ran some simple tests and it ran smoothly. See video.


Corridor Round Tripping Test 1


2. In this next video I created a very simple corridor in 2014. I then opened the same drawing in 2013 and ran a few quick test. Even though it was not a large corridor drawing I feel confident that I would get the same results. The most interesting thing about these results were that when I tried these same test at my home computer it crashed and fatal error. The only difference between my home and work workstation is network connection and memory. My work computer has 24 GB memory and my home PC has 8 GB. I then tried the same test with a another workstation at work that only had 8 GB  of memory with a slightly older processor and had no issue or errors. Anyways, I know everyone has different templates and workflows but email me if you have a drawing that keeps crash in 2013 and I will run a test with my workstation and see if it crashes on me. Feel free to make comments. Thanks for stopping by.


Corridor Round Tripping Test 2

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