Sunday, May 5, 2013

Welcome Civil 3D 2014

Civil 3D 2014 has finally arrived after much anticipation. For those of you on subscription, C3D 2014 is now available for download. In addition, you can also download the Infrastructure Design Suite Premium if you opted to upgraded a few or all your licensed seats. The upgrade and renewal cost is cheap if you choose to upgrade a few seats. If you are large firm with several hundred or a few thousands employees, this can be an extremely pricy renewal cost. How many licenses of IDS do you need you ask? It depends how many users will actually use most of all the software that comes IDS. Anyways, I personally think this version of C3D comes with much less bugs than 2013. Like most software, there will always be a few bugs and glitches. I have posted a few images of new features incorporated into the C3D 2014. Enjoy
5-5-2013 9-16-18 AM
 The top image is C3D 2014 and bottom image is C3D 2013
4-3-2013 10-38-11 PM
  • As you can see, the C3D logo has changed to a blue prism. In addition, the drawings tabs has been added to the top of your view screen. Personally I actually like the new location.
 4-3-2013 10-45-17 PM
  • The Autodesk InfraWorks (formally known as Infrastructure Modeler) icon has been added to the Help contextual ribbon. 
  • Autodesk 360 Ribbon has been added to the ribbon.

5-5-2013 8-46-04 AM   5-5-2013 8-45-45 AM
  • You now can control the display of projected objects in sections views.
4-3-2013 11-15-39 PM
  • The ability to create pressure pipes from objects has been added.
4-3-2013 11-21-32 PM
  • Pressure pipe pay item feature has been included.
  • Geographic location feature has been added. (geographiclocation command) This allows users to add aerial images to their concept plans.
5-5-2013 8-37-13 AM
5-5-2013 8-37-02 AM
  • Security features to protect your drawings has been added.
5-5-2013 9-00-10 AM
5-5-2013 9-03-38 AM
  • The all new Autodesk ReCAP for laser scanning files.The image above was a 1gb lidar file from TNRIS.
5-5-2013 8-27-41 AM
  • Geotechnics Module can be added for subscription members. This features allows you to integrate geotechnical data with C3D 2014.
5-5-2013 8-27-59 AM
  • Bridge Module can be added for subscription members. This features enables users to created bridge models in C3D.
5-5-2013 9-21-08 AM
  • Rail Layout Module can be added for subscription members. This features allows users to create and edit rail design.
  • Creating pressure pipes from objects such as arcs, polylines, featurelines, alignments, survey figures and splines
  • Add pressure networks to section views
  • Extract corridor solids or bodies from corridors
  • Create tables for pressure pipes, fittings and appurtenance
  • Importing pipes and civil roads straight from Autodesk InfraWorks
  • Creating data shortcuts for pressure pipe networks
  • Setting targets for a corridor thru an xref
  • Editing multiple pressure networks parts in plan and profile view
  • Exporting profile data to InfraWorks
  • Exporting and Import survey database fore reuse
  • Round-Tripping data-the ability to save a drawing in 2014, open and make edits in 2013, then reopen in 2014. (If you are planning to do this I would highly recommend reading the help files on this topic.
Now for those of you that upgraded to the Infrastructure Design Suite Premium, Civil 3D 2014 will have another extra feature. The Raster tool has be incorporated into the ribbon. These are some of the same features you would find in Raster Design 2014 software.
5-5-2013 8-29-03 AM
Overall this release of C3D runs much smoother and has much less glitches. On the other hand, it does has less new features from its predecessors. I highly encourage all subscription members to at least upgrade one license of C3D to the Infrastructure Design Suite. I’m sure there are a few features in each software that can make your company more efficient and productive.
For those of you that have been emailing about finishing my roundabout post I apologize for not writing back. I have been having a tough time finding the images that I used for that particular post.  In addition, I have been extremely busy with work. Anyways, I will be submitting my class proposal for roundabout design with corridors Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully Autodesk will approve my class. I will try to email everyone back sometime this week about the roundabout questions you emailed me. Once again thank you for viewing my blog. Feel free to make comments or request.

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