Thursday, May 5, 2011

May’s Knowledge Base

Good morning everyone. Here is Autodesk know issue for May. Sorry I have not posted tips and tricks lately. I have been busy getting all the techs/EIT’s/engineers in our company caught up to speed. In addition, I have other C3D side projects I’m working on to make myself more productive and efficient. I’m always trying to found ways to make myself faster and more accurate at what I do. Doing a whole set of subdivision plans (60 sheets) in 4 hrs is good but I want to see if can knock that time down to 2 hrs, which I know I can. I don’t mean just creating the sheets, I mean doing all the water, sewer, storm profiles and street plan/profile sheets and all the lot grading. Anyways have a great day.


Known limitations with AutoCAD 2010 products on Windows 7

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