Friday, March 4, 2011

Storm Structure Tips

Hi everyone. Tonight I would like to show you some quick tips on storm design. Typically when designing your storm system you want to match crown of pipe for junction box and pipe size changes, or centerline of pipe for wye connections. Here is a helpful tips that can help up you save time.

Junction Box and Storm Manholes

  1. Select you storm structure on your profile and right click and select structure properties



2. Go into your Connected Pipes Tab and highlight all your pipes. Hoover over the elevation column you want to match such as crown elevation, centerline elevation or invert elevation and right click. A small dialog pull down should appear.


3. Select Match crown option. Another dialog box will appear.


4. Now we want to select the outfall pipe. What this does is makes all the other pipes match the crown elevation of this outfall pipe. This technique can come in hand when also doing water pipes with crosses and tees and you need to match all pipes at centerline.

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