Sunday, March 20, 2011

2012 Wish List

Good afternoon everyone. Wow what a busy weekend for me. Anyways I wanted to share a few of my wish list for the new 2012 coming out. Let me know what you think and what you want to add.

  1. quick properties for all profile objects
  2. to see section in the pipe properties to input pipe velocity and depth.
  3. to have the ability to select partial or full flow for pipes
  4. a drainage area table already create so i can just select drainage areas created by parcels
  5. table that combines lines and curves
  6. more editing features for images….add some of the raster design features
  7. more lot grading features
  8. more parcel features
  9. more geometry features for street profiles.
  10. to see friction slope column on the hydroflow express for pipe analysis
  11. more coordinates functionality
  12. the ability to convert or extract objects from a dwf drawing.


  1. Wish list items such as #8 are vague. Can you be more specific?

  2. More lot grading features, more parcel features, more geometry features for street profiles, more coordinates functionality. Those wish list items are vague.

    Asking for "more structure labels" is vague. Asking for "ability to annotate deflection angle in a structure" is a specific wish list item.

    That's why I was curious as to what specific items you wanted added.

  3. when i mention geometry feature i was talking about the ability to control the vertical curves on street profiles.

    Coordinate features - make it easier/less steps to transfer coordinate system from set in meters to another coordinate system set in feet.

    i would like to see more grading features for residential grading. The ability to do mass grading for large subdivision is not quite there because there are so many variables and constraints. I constantly work on several subdivision and this would come in handy for me.

    parcels - the ability to control the line style for lot line segments. The ability to control overlaying block and lot parcels lines. For example. If we have parcels overlapping along the street ROW of road because of the block parcels and street parcels using the same boundaries

    structure labels - i want to see staggered profile label styles. i don't like having to create separate ones. I want to see velocity and sf feature wtihin the pipe properties. I want Autodesk to make a feature when i can assign the slope, size and flowrate and it give me the depth of flow. I dont like having to create a large number number expressions to do this.

    profile labels - i want more ability to move and adjust the location of my curve info on the profile specially for PT/PC.