Thursday, November 18, 2010

Using the Mapcheck feature for Boundary

Good evening everyone. Tonight I would like to show everyone how to use the mapcheck feature to check for closure on site boundary. This can be great tool when dealing with survey drawings and plats. I have provide Autodesk help information below about the concept of mapcheck feature.

Use the Mapcheck Analysis command to perform a mapcheck that is based on the precision of the annotation of the label object.

The Mapcheck Analysis command computes mapcheck calculations directly from the selected labels. To perform a mapcheck you must specify a point of beginning (POB) for each parcel. For each segment within the parcel, you select a label containing a direction, direction and distance, distance label, or curve label until the requirements to compute the next vertex of the current segment are met.

As you perform a mapcheck, temporary graphics are displayed in the drawing to indicate the sides that have been entered for each parcel. The current side is displayed in bold indicating origin and direction for that side. The temporary graphics also provide a visual confirmation of possible errors, or indicate that the direction of a line or curve needs to be flipped or reversed.

NoteThe mapcheck report data is stored in the drawing database so you can continue a mapcheck from a previous AutoCAD Civil 3D session. The Mapcheck Analysis window must be open to enable the display of the temporary graphics.


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