Monday, June 28, 2010

Part Builder Pt. 1

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Softball and flag football season has started so i have been occupied with that and other side projects. Anyways I have received a few emails from some of my followers asking question about part builder, Well tonight I will do my best to try to teach you a few things about part builder. The first step in learning about part builder is knowing the size parameters. I have listed most of the size parameters that you will see.

BdyD1, BdyD2 = These are the diameter dimensions to the circular profile or the body dimension.

Fth = This is the floor thickness.

LenB1, LenB2 = These are the model parameters set to the extrusion or length body

LenA1, LenA2 = These are vertical distances set in the work planes.

SID = This is the inner structure diameter variable and will be set as a list of variables.

Wth = This is the wall thickness variable and can be set as either a constant or list depending on you structure requirements.

SBSD = This is the structure diameter variable and will be set as variable.

PID = This is the pipe inner diameter.

SRS = This is the rim to sump height which based on the auto layout point is the surface insertion point to the bottom of the structure.

SBSH = This is the structure height which is the other component of the vertical control. Remember the difference between SBSH and SRS is the floor thickness (Fth)

Bellow I have posted a short video presentation on how to add size parameter to pipes and structures. I should be able to post Part 2 sometime this week. Have a great week.

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