Wednesday, April 7, 2010

C3D 2011 64 bit vs C3D 2010 32 bit

For the past few months we have all heard all the talk about the performance boost C3D 2011 will have running as a 64 bit software.  So today I decided to run performance tests with the new 64 bit C3D 2011 and the 32 bit C3D 2010. The test was to see how long each version would take to save a drawing with 3 large shape files. I map connected in a shape file for all the streets of the Town of Flower Mound,Texas. In addition, I also added the shape files for all the subdivisions and parcels. Then I exported the drawing as a dwg file. What this basically does is converts the shape data into basic polylines and hatches. I repeated the same process in C3D 2010. On top of that, I ran the same steps twice to get an average time.  I posted my results below with information on how memory each program was using.

CIVIL 3D 2010 (32 bit): 6 min. 53 sec.

Memory Usage = 461 MB

Dwg File Size: 11.675 MB



CIVIL 3D 2011 (64 bit): 1 min 2 sec

Memory Usage = 436 MB

Dwg File Size: 11.667 MB



As you can see, C3D 2011 running as a 64 bit software uses slightly less CPU usage and memory. I also ran a test on startup time when opening each version. C3D 2010 took 7.9 seconds while C3D 2011 took 14.2 seconds. So that was interesting results. Anyways, just remember that the software is only as good as the person using it, so adequate training is a most. In conclusion, the new 64 bit C3D 2011 will increase your productivity and performance.

For those using dual core or quad core processors you can use the WHIPTHREAD command to improve performance.. What this does is controls whether to use an additional processor to improve the speed of operations such as ZOOM that redraw or regenerate the drawing. This can come in handy when you have large surface drawings with aerials. I just happen to come across this in one of the blogs website I follow. (Thanks Michael)


  1. thanks you for letting me know and thanks for reading my post.

  2. this could be very helpful. please let us know what the specs are on the computer you used for this comparison. can you run a few more comparison tests?

  3. Civil is 2010 and 2011 and is running on windows 7 64 bit Home Ed. I have 8 gb of memory and phenom 2 processor 945. In addition, i have a 1 gb video card. Civil 2010 and 2011 are running incredibly fast.

  4. Be careful of wipethread, it can cause strange video issues in paperspace,
    You also don’t need a video card bigger then 256 mb, I am using a shared one with windows 7 x64 and it works great.

  5. Benchmarking load and save operations will NOT give a good indication of the performance differences between C3D 2011-x64 and C3D 2010-x86 because both actions are influenced by the characteristics of your storage system. Rendering a complex model would be a better benchmark as long as the entire process can be performed in local memory. That way, your are only taxing the CPU and RAM (the two components that detemine relative computational speed).