Thursday, March 11, 2010

Static Null Structure Descriptions

Yes you heard me, static null structure description!!!. One of the most annoying things about null structures when designing a storm system are the description resetting if you make any changes to the connected pipes inverts or within the structure properties. I would always find myself having to go back thru each null structure to make sure it did not reset.  For the longest time I looked high and low to see if anyone had found a way to fix this or work around this issue. Well tonight I just started playing around with my storm drawing and discovered how to keep my description from resetting while I was making changes to the slope and inverts of my pipe. Man if I can only get a $1 for every person that is about to read this post lol.
  1. open up your base utility drawing or you base drawing that has your pipes and structures.
  2. open the quick properties and go into the customize or settings
  3. turn on slope and starting and ending invert elevations for pipes and hit apply
  4. select a null structure and when the quick properties pops up select description option
  5. a small pop window will appear. Type your description here.
  6. Now when you need to make changes to the slope or inverts, do them thru the quick properties because if you go thru the structure or even pipe properties the null description will reset. On top of that, if you even select the Connected Pipes tab in the structure properties your description will reset immediately.
I hope yall have enjoyed this post and start using the quick properties more. :) I have not tried this in 2009 so please let me know how it does.


  1. To work around this I created one custom part with a zero thickness to use in place of a null structure. I now use this instead of null structures. This fixes the discription issue, and becasue it has a thickness of zero your profile still looks good.

    -E. Bunek

  2. sweet. I will definitely have to try this. Thanks for the comment.