Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pipe Network Vistas

Here is a quick tip for those that need their whole pipe network to reference the right surface,alignment, rendering, or style. I think I may have read this on one the Civil 3D books.

1. Select and right click on any pipe section or structure and select Edit Network .

2. Select the Pipet Nework Vistas button on the network layout dialog box. It's the second to last button
on the far right.

3. The panorama dialog box will appear. Now lets say you need all the pipes to reference the same alignment. Right click on top of the Reference column header for alignments and select Edit.

4. Another box will appear with all the current alignments. Select your alignment and all your pipes will update and point to the alignment you selected.

5. You can also do this with surface, description, style, rule set, render and many more. Remember to do both the pipes and structure tabs.

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