Wednesday, February 3, 2010

C3D 2012 Wish List

1.One thing I really wish 2012 could do is tie a parcel (drainage area) to a storm inlet. If you could pull lets say the area of the parcel associated to an inlet, I could created an expression that would calculate the runoff coefficient for that drainage area. Then somehow tie my pipe section to that expression to calculate my flow rate. This would save me some time so i dont have to plug in the flowrate for each pipe section. Maybe Autodesk will do something like this in the near future.

2. I would also like to see more abilities or functionality for the pipe rules.
3. I wish the description I type in for null structures would not reset when editing inverts
4. Option for staggered pipe profile labels.
5. Ability to just insert hgl data (linework) from storm sewer extension and not update or recreate pipe network.
6. Add a storm design code for minimum  pipe radius and slope per pipe size.


  1. Ok I just realized that you can set the minimum pipe radius in the part list. lol

  2. Tony,

    Drop me a line.

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