Thursday, February 4, 2016

Winning Work with InfraWorks 360

Here is a recent post I made on our company blog.

Engineering design workflows have evolved during the past 50 years from manual hand drafting on paper, to overlaying scanned GIS maps, to now creating rich compelling 3D rendered models with InfraWorks 360. With InfraWorks 360, design professionals can seamlessly create multiple conceptual design proposals to help evaluate decisions and increase the approval process with clients/developers and city review agencies. 

A few months ago one of our clients came to us with a vision to create a 16 building multi-use project in San Antonio. With only a very basic overall schematic site exhibit, our task was to bring the client's vision to life. Yes, we could have done the norm, by creating a 2D conceptual site plan with maybe a simple Google Sketchup exhibit or PowerPoint slide but we wanted to add a little more realism to the site project and incorporate a BIM workflow. To truly bring realism and tell a story of what the client was proposing to build and enhance the community environment, we created a preliminary concept site model with InfraWorks 360.

With InfraWorks 360, we were able to quickly insert 16 buildings with different footprints, heights and facades. In addition, landscape features such as bushes and trees were also included. Pavement markings. people, and city furniture such as light poles, street signs, trash cans were also added to provide the look, feel and real environment to the model. To add more realism to the 3D model, animated background clouds, and real world sun light environment was created to produce real shadow casting throughout the site model. We were able to view quickly and easily how shadow casting would affect the site during the morning and late afternoon hours. 

Once the model was completed, screen shots from varies angles were created. In addition, a video fly-by was also created, to be used during the client presentation. On top of that, the during the client meeting, we used the InfraWorks 360 3D model in a live environment by manually navigating throughout the site model per the clients request. With InfraWorks 360, we were able to quickly and easily make site revisions on the spot.

With the power of InfraWorks 360, we were able to create a rich compelling visual 3D model in one day and collaborate live with our clients and help them achieve their project vision. With the tools in InfraWorks 360, we were able to win the project and proceed with the project. 

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