Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hello Civil 3D 2013!!!!!!!

Good afternoon everyone. Today is an exciting day for Autodesk because they officially introduce C3D 2013. Actually this week has been crazy with the announcements of various new 2013 Autodesk products. Yesterday was the introduction of AutoCAD 2013. Anyways, I have posted a several screen shots from the live webcast today. In addition, I have listed a few new features that have been added to C3D 2013. This will be part 1 of 2 post. Tomorrow I will get more in depth with all the new features that was included with Civil 3D 2013.  Enjoy
  • Pressure Pipes modeling
  • new survey contextual tab with new survey features
  • Transportation with improvements in corridor editing and creating assemblies
White Papers:


  1. Is anyone else out there having performance issues with 2013, such a lag in the commands. Example: When creating a profile from an alignment it asks you to select the alignment, when you click the button to manual select the alignment from the dwg, the program takes several secs before you can actual select anything. This has ocurred during many operations. Just wanted to see if others experienced this issue.

  2. Is your hardware acceleration on? Type 3dconfig and check. Second is there other civil 3d connection application running? Sometimes C3D has other applications process running in the background connecting to the internet which at times slows you down. I did a post a few months ago on these processes that you can turn off.. Third run a
    -purge command and clean out the regapps.

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