Friday, December 23, 2011

Assigning a Color to a New Layer Problem

Good morning everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying their xmas week. Just a few more days before I go back to San Diego to spend time with my daughter I can’ wait.

Anyways for the past few weeks my coworkers and I have noticed a problem with assigning a color to a new layer in C3D 2012 and it not staying. I researched the issue on Autodesk discussion board and other people were having the same issue. I informed Autodesk and I was told their were aware of it and there was not fix for the issue at the time.

Well 2 days ago I decided to seat down and find a work around for it. Here is what I ended up with. When you create your new layer you have to hit enter to exit out of the new layer command. Then you can assign the color and make it current. If you try to assign the color while in the new layer command, the color will change as soon as you exit out of the layer manager. See video below. I want to clarify that this problem has not affected very one using C3D 2012.

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  1. I have been dealing with this same problem for several months. I find that if I create the layer and then perform an audit that it will sometimes correct the layer, other times the layers seems to stick to the original color assigned. In all cases, if I wait long enough I can go back to the layer and change the color and it changes all objects on the layer properly. Definitely a MAJOR BUG in Civil 3d.

  2. By chance do these new layers names contain special characters? If so, eliminate these characters such as # in the name. It makes editing the color impossible.