Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Pipe Feature in 2012

Hi everyone. So last week we had our first lunch-n-learn over 2012 Storm Sewer & Sewer Analysis (SSA) software hosted by DCCADD and presented by Matt Castelli. The presentation was great and hopefully the testing that we will be doing will produce great results. Anyways, after the presentation, Matt informed me about one great new 2012 feature that has not been mention in any blogs or video that I know of. It seems that Autodesk has added a new pipe rule where the pipe ends at the structure wall. As we all know, in older versions of C3D, the pipe would connect to the center of structure, which in the real world, this is not how pipes are built. For storm, you typically don’t want to come into wall no greater than a 45 degree angle (depending on how much room you have from the top,side and bottom of structure walls) Anyways, the new pipe rule allows you to end the pipe at the inner or outer wall of the structure. If you turn of your structure part masking within the structure part properties, you will see how the pipe ends at the wall in plan and profile view. The only flaw I saw was if you move the structure, the new pipe rule does not remain. You have to reply the rule again. I would personally only apply the end towards the end of you design. Once you apply the rules, sometimes you have to drag the end points of the pipe to the side of the wall and it will connect. I am glad that Autodesk finally listened it still needs a little work. Anyways I hope everyone enjoys playing with the new feature. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.






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