Friday, December 3, 2010

User Define Attributes for Parcels

Good morning everyone. I hope everyone is having a great week. Well this week I was asked by coworkers on how to add attributes to parcels labels. By using the custom user defined attributed we are able to add items to the parcels such as address, zip code, volume/page, …etc.


  1. Open up your toolspace and select your Settings tab.
  2. Select Parcels
  3. Right click on Unclassified and select new
  4. The New User Defined Property dialog box will appear. Give your new attribute a name such as zip code. The property field type allows you the set the string type such as a number, letters, distance, station…etc.
  5. Hit OK.

 image   image

6.  Now we want to select the parcel label style we wan to revise.

7. Go into your Label style composer  and select the text context where we want to add the new parcel attribute.



8. Your Text Component Editor will appear. On your left under the Properties, scroll down to your new zip code attribute and add it to your context  by pressing the right arrow.


9. Hit OK and then Apply then OK.  Now to add your new attributes to your parcels, you can use the Multiple Parcel Properties feature. The Edit parcel properties will appear. Here you can add your new attributes and on the right side of your dialog box.


I will post another post this weekend on how to add your new user defined attributes to your parcel tables. Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend.


  1. Tony,

    What good are User Defined Attributes in labels? I have tried a number of ways to get a label to display a User Defined Attribute, but all that it will display is "???". I can't even use the attributes that are already there (Parcel Number and Tax ID) because they use only integers. I am trying to insert into my label a Tax ID that includes numerals, text, and symbols. How can this be done?


  2. what kind of label are you creating? parcel label? I think you might want to do a quick repair on your C3D or you can email me a drawing that you are trying to create this label.

  3. Thanks. I like using user defined attributes for different things like time of concentration fields in drainage basins.